Let’s Go Green!

With earth day coming up I thought if it was possible for every factory to close its doors for just one extra day this week. How much carbon dioxide would that save?

Since that’s NEVER going to happen (and earth day is a Saturday, so they are closed anyway), I next thought how we as humans can help mitigate some of the pollutants in the air.

Green energy is where we need to be. In an interview with Bill Nye The Science Guy on z100 yesterday (his new show is on Netflix Saturday so binge it): “If we tried, for real, we could power 80% of the planet on renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, tidal) within the next 5-7 years, and be 100% by 2035”.

People who buy Tesla’s think they are helping the earth by not burning gasoline, but forget that their house electricity which is powering their car is being produced by a coal burning or nuclear burning power plant.

This has to end. We have to take energy creation into our own hands. The government apparently doesn’t care. This isn’t about making money (shocker for me), this is about leaving a living environment for our children and our children’s’ children. The Earth itself will survive, the question is will we be a part of it?

If you believe what I’m saying to be true, please SHARE this. Likes don’t help – we need people to WANT to install solar panels, and wind turbines in their houses (wind turbines are not that big for homes…it’s not those giant ones you’ve seen pictures of – trust me).

If you need help getting Solar panels, please msg me. I’m willing put in the time to help you get them up and running.

BTW in most states, you get a credit every month for generating clean electricity. And it’s a tax write-off. So help your taxes, your pockets, and the earth.

Let’s Go Green!

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