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Everyone has a passion. Some the arts, some for making things, and some of us just love food. My passion is Business. I love helping people raise their companies to unrecognizable heights. So what exactly is business consulting? Let’s discuss…

As a business consultant, I want to see you succeed. It’s a strange thing that a stranger may want to see your business take off, but it’s the truth. My goal when I work with anyone is to help them figure out the hurdles of their business. Sometimes it’s processes, at times it’s building a roadmap, and sometimes it’s even just to vent.

So what can you expect from me? I promise as your business consultant to:

1) Always be honest. I’m not going to sugar coat things. If a situation looks bad, or you, the client, needs a “verbal smacking,” it’s coming your way. Profanity sometimes is necessary for business.

2) Always be in your best interest. Being a business consultant may seem self-serving. If I help you grow your business, you’ll want to employee me longer, in turn helping my own business. I promise that this is not the case. I care about your company and only your company.

3) Always be creative. Not all solutions work for all enterprises. So we have to be creative to come up with answers that work for you. If this means trial and error, then so be it. We will get to the answer, and break through that creative roadblock.

4) Always be calm. Let’s not beat around the bush – sometimes sh*t hits the fan. It’s understandable that you will be in a panic, but I will stay calm and help you get through the issue.

Let’s get down to specifics

What are we really talking about here? We are talking

  • marketing and sales
  • hiring and firing
  • brand positioning
  • process and standardization
  • manufacturing
  • web presences and e-commerce
  • and more

I am 100% committed to your business and promise amazing results.

Every business has hurdles. Every hurdler has a coach. Allow me to be your coach and let’s just see where we can take your company.

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Still need more proof? Maybe a past client’s words will help you over this hurdle. And then I will do the rest!

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