APC: Season 2 Episode 5 – Command Control Power – Find your Niche

command control power niche
Be an expert and find your niche

Happy Thursday everyone. Today on the Appitalize On Your Idea podcast I have Jerry Zigmont and Sam Valencia, who are both Apple Consultants and 2 of the three members of the Command Control Power podcast. The CCP team was at ACEs Conference this year to both do a presentation on Managed services and also taped a live episode of their wildly famous podcast.

Today we discuss why they started the podcast. In their mind there wasn’t a niche filled for Apple consultants. They bring on other experts to not only share their experience but the hosts themselves even learn new things from their customers. Much like how ACEs allows me to bring experts in, the goal of the conference was really to learn how to run my own consulting business. We also discuss monetization. Many people believe that if they start a podcast, like CCP and the Appitalize On Your Idea podcast, that the money starts rolling in.

Joe, Sam and Jerry actually figure out who would be a good fit for their show and target those sponsors specifically. They also, as they say in the interview, never allow a sponsor who they haven’t used the product from in some way first. The team is supposed to be the expert, and hence they need to provide the most correct and truthful answers to the Apple community.

Ok enough reading – start listening to the episode!

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Links Mentioned During the Show:
Command Control Power’s home page
The Live show – first Tuesday of every month at 8pm
CCP on Twitter
Mac Geek Gab

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