APC: Episode 32 – Bruce Zutler – Be the Captain

APC: Episode 32 – Bruce Zutler – Be the Captain

bruce zutler
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Bruce Zutler of Venn Products Group joins us today on the Appitalize On Your Idea Podcast. Bruce is a mastermind when it comes to manufacturing, marketing, intellectual property and financing. Essentially if you want to start a business building a product, Bruce is the person to speak to.

Bruce and I discuss the challenges of manufacturing. Using sites like Alibaba are great but there’s so much more than just posting your idea and hoping someone across the world will make it. There are issues like materials, tooling, anticipated market and quantities. Bruce goes into the three elements of any new product. They are:

  • Productization
  • Montization
  • Commercialization

If you were ever interested in manufacturing a product, this is the episode for you to listen to.

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Listen and learn after the jump.

Links Mentioned During the Show:

Bruces’ Company – Venn Products
Inventors Association of Manhattan Meetup Page

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