APC: Episode 31 – Michelle Tripp – Have a Plan!

APC: Episode 31 – Michelle Tripp – Have a Plan!

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Ideas are not cheap

On todays episode we have the wonderfully talented Michelle Tripp on to talk about how to market your product. Michelle’s number one rule? Have a plan! A great line from the movie One Crazy Summer — “Without plan there is no attack, without attack there’s no victory!” Michelle comes on today to talk about having a plan and the three tiers of them:
• Objectives
• Strategies
• Tactics

Michelle goes on to talk about how to tailor your message for the appropriate platform, and to not be cheap on social media. You need to share high value content. It’s not about just spewing garbage (where have we heard that before? Oh right! Martin Waxman from episode 22 said the exact same thing. Two professionals are now telling the audience the same thing. It can’t be a coincidence. It’s true – share good, quality content.

Michelle brings a lot of knowledge to the game, and I’m very excited to see her presentation at the SXSW V2V event this coming summer.

Listen and learn after the jump.

Links Mentioned During the Show:

Michelle’s Twitter Page
Michelle’s LinkedIn Page
Reyes Global

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