APC: Episode 3 – Dr. Roy Bachar – Know Your Value!

APC: Episode 3 – Dr. Roy Bachar – Know Your Value!

Don’t be afraid!

Today’s episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast, I bring on a childhood friend, Dr. Roy Bachar, who has become a very distinguished psychiatrist in New York City. I wanted to bring Dr. Bachar on to help people realize that fear can be overcome when building your idea. We talk about how you can overcome fear by finding places to go to focus on your work, and realizing that while you project your passions on your ideas, you are not your idea as a person. Dr. Bachar explains that a failure on an idea does not mean you are a failure as a person.

We also discuss how to be motivated. Finding something you are passionate about allows you to be motivated to move forward with your idea to make it become a reality.

I hope that the lessons that Dr. Bachar share helps you realize that it’s ok to take on the challenge of Appitalizing On Your Idea.
Listen to the whole interview below the jump.

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