APC: Episode 28 – Annie Scranton – The Jigsaw puzzle of Marketing

APC: Episode 28 – Annie Scranton – The Jigsaw puzzle of Marketing

annie scranton public relations
The Jigsaw Puzzle of Marketing

Happy Monday! Today I’m glad to have on Annie Scranton of Pace Public Relations in NYC. Annie, whose name you heard back in episode 26, has graced us by bringing her PR knowledge to the Appitalize On Your Idea Podcast.

Annie and I discuss the need for a Public Relations firm. While Annie’s firm only works with media relations (which in my opinion in the most important type), there are firms out there that do everything from corporate communications to crisis control to social media. Annie’s years of experience in TV has allowed for her to not only make a great network of connections, which can benefit each entrepreneur, but also the skills to pitch her network to get you on the shows you need to be on. While anyone can attempt to email their favorite bloggers, there’s a point where those emails look less like pitches and more like begging.

Annie’s skills have allowed her clients to be on shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dr. Drew and be interviewed by famed Tech blogger David Pogue.

Think you don’t need a PR person? Think again! And when you are thinking about it – think about Pace Public Relations.

Listen to the whole thing the jump.

Links Mentioned During the Show:
Pace Public Relations Home Page
Pace Public Relations Twitter page
Annie Scrantons Twitter page

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