APC: Episode 24 – Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart – power couple!

APC: Episode 24 – Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart – power couple!

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Welcome back to another episode of Appitalize On Your Idea: The Podcast. Today I have on Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart of Gearhart law. I know we’ve had on a lot of lawyers lately, but the reason I wanted to bring these two on is to talk about how Gearhart law in and of itself an entrepreneurial venture. Gearhart law was born on the internet. After a move from Georgia, Richard (with the help of Elizabeth), opened the practice and took to the internet to find clients. Opening his doors to allow anyone to contact him regarding patents and protection questions. From there Richard, and Gearhart law took off. The practice has established itself as the leader for entrepreneurs in New Jersey.

Elizabeth brings her knowledge of patents to the firm to help strength and convey not only the idea in question, but other ways to protect it. During the interview you will hear her talk about adding Wifi to a skateboard!!!

I’m very excited to bring you todays episode with Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart.

Listen to the whole thing the jump.

Links Mentioned During the Show:
Gearhart Law Website
The Patent Puzzle – The Gearhart Law IP blog

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  1. Appitalize On Your Idea

    03/17/2015 at 10:44 am

    […] kind. A three day event taking place March 30th-April 1st. The Symposium, being put on by Gearhart Law will bring nine lawyers from around the world together to answer questions about IP protection from […]


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