APC: Episode 23 – Warren Whitlock – The Power of Twitter

APC: Episode 23 – Warren Whitlock – The Power of Twitter

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The Humanity of Twitter

Hope everyone is doing well this chilly December day. Today I have Warren Whitlock on the the show. Warren, #8 in Forbes top 50 social media influencers, was the author of the first book about Twitter. Having an account from Twitters inception, Warren has been able to experiment and test how to best use Twitter for your business.

While many people think Twitter is just a place to promote their products, there’s a much better way to use it. Answer questions! The majority of twitter accounts are actual humans. Be human about it!

I was really excited to have Warren on for him to share his stories.

Listen to the whole thing the jump.

Links Mentioned During the Show:
Warren’ Daily site
Warrants Business site
Warren’s Twitter page

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